Dope muzik 2 download album

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Dope muzik 2 download album

Sign In. Music Search. All of the above-mentioned artists at one point in time literally dominated the city's underground rap scene before going on to become national superstars.

Next up to bat is Yo Gotti, M-Town's current underground rap kingpin. Like his namesake John Gotti, the Memphis based rapper has been running the Southern underground scene with an iron fist for the past. Known and respected throughout the South for his skill and finesse on the microphone, Yo Gotti is one the South's most respected young rappers.

His childhood was typical for a poor ghetto youth in the Deep South. Raised in a family of hustlers and exposed to hard times 24 hours a day the Tennessee rap titan soon turned to the only thing that he knew could get him paid, hustling. Being from the hood things like hustling will come your way,?

Everybody in my family hustled in some kinda way.? Ironically, hustling is what ultimately led Yo Gotti to rapping.

The tape sold like hotcakes on the street and made Yo Gotti the hottest rapper on the streets of Memphis. From the Dope Game to the Rap Game, Yo Gotti's sophomore effort sold so well that Select-O-Hits, a local based independent distributor offered him a small deal and the Memphis rapper more than doubled his fan base with absolutely no marketing or promotions.

Soon he found himself ranked among the city's top rappers. In addition to being featured on the cover of Murderdog Magazine along side his idols Kingpin Skinny Pimp and Al Kapone his record From the Dope Game to the Rap Game made the list for the magazine's top independent record for the year Two years later he inked a distribution deal with TVT Records and released the critically acclaimed album Life, which did respectable numbers for an independent label.

It sold about 40 or 50, with no promotions or video,? That record did what it did on its own.? But as the old saying goes when one door is closed another opened. With his TVT sophomore album entitled Back 2 Da Basics, Yo Gotti returns with the same hardcore street flavor that his die-hard fans have come to know and love, only this time around the true king of Memphis has elevated his game a bit. Given the fact that his last record didn't do the type of big number he'd hope for you'd think that Yo Gotti would switch up his style to reach a larger audience.

According to Gotti his street credibility with his underground fans means more to him than gold or platinum status. The one thing that you have to understand is that when you create a fan base off of street product the last thing you wanna do is disrespect them by changing because of the record companies and stuff like that.

When you do that you change what created you. To me it is very important that I keep in tune with the people that helped to sell 40, records independently. That's why I call my record Back 2 Da Basics.? Nowhere is this viewpoint more intense than on?

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Full Time,? A lotta cats wanna be a rapper or a street hustler but they don't wanna put in the time that it takes,?

dope muzik 2 download album

They want the money and the cars and the girls, but they don't wanna work hard for it. But to be successful at anything you gotta grind for it.? On the song? Mama We Gone Be Alright,? Mama We Gone Be Alright? My Story? These three titles along with club banging songs like? Add to Favorites I like Tweet. Sort by Year Alphabet Bestselling.The self-proclaimed king of Southern hip-hop, T. The frequently incarcerated Atlanta native is small in stature, ill-tempered and walks with the swagger of Jay-Z, a combination that prompts his critics to dub him hip-hop's Napoleon.

His first offering, 's I'm Seriousdidn't exactly burn up the charts, but it featured production from the Neptunes and displayed a tenderness that subsequent releases would downplay. In many ways, 's Trap Muzik was T. After spending time in prison for cocaine charges, he returned in with the comparatively cheery Urban Legend.

Between the release of that album and 's Kinghe had begun to challenge 50 Cent and Eminem as the most famous emcee in the world.

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Mining dark territory and featuring Justin Timberlake, 's Paper Trail continued to cement his status as the king. Bebop Digital. All rights reserved. Napster and the Napster logo are registered trademarks of Rhapsody International Inc.

JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings. Get app. Artist T. Top Songs. Ring feat. Young Thug. That's All She Wrote. No Mercy. About the Money.

Memories Back Then. Main Releases. Us Or Else. Paperwork Deluxe Explicit.

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Paperwork Deluxe Clean. Paperwork Clean. Birthday Happy Songs.What can I say about this album mixtape except for it impacted my life the heaviest, deepest and hardest. The mixtape—you could call it an album—was amazing. It was indeed that. It featured his rapping ability, his lyricism, his storytelling and his introspectiveness. Budden hit us with everything.

He showed his versatility. Chingy was known back then for his radio hits. You come to expect songs like that from him. I liked his music back then. For a current comparison, look at Flo Rida. How many hits does this man have? I was a mixtape fiend back then, so I welcomed that track. Was I depressed at the time?

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I was in high school at the time. Life was okay. I had an average stay there.

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Maybe that sadness within me, that bit of depression I had, came to the forefront when those records played. It caught my attention and made me react to it. It made me analyze my life and begin to compare and question: am I going through something similar but on a smaller scale?

Maybe this album mixtape hit me as hard as it did because I was a teenager that was still finding himself in a cluster of two worlds: high school and the real world. All the high school stuff that seems to label, categorize and isolate people is stupid and bullshit. Or it could be a combination of all three reasons stated above. A combination of never hearing music like this before, the fact that I was still figuring myself out and maybe some sadness in my life lead me to this mixtape.

I had yet to hear a rapper speak about financial hardships. The realness and honesty Joe gives in the song—who else would dare to admit that they asked their partner get an abortion?

That shit is too personal. What other rapper would imply that he is a dead-beat father? Depression, how depressed can you really be as a teenager? There some lines on there that I can relate to. I, too, would want to leave before my loved ones. Plus, the line Budden says about not being religious hits me right in the chest. I feel that way. That song is dope that it hits you and makes you show emotion.

My glass of Jack and Coke is empty. If you got anything out of this just know one thing: I fucking love Mood Muzik 2. It helped me through stuff.Sandman feat. Guillotine Swordz feat. Duel Of The Iron Mic feat. Cold World feat. Assassination Day feat.

Cross My Heart feat. Above The Clouds feat. Gang Starr Tres Leches Triboro Trilogy feat. Spazzola feat. Play IV Keeps feat. Tru Master feat. One More To Go feat. Rumble feat. Speaking Real Words feat. Verbal Slaughter feat. Dwellas Sparring Minds feat.

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dope muzik 2 download album

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We offer fast download speeds. The maximum filesize for a single file is MB. The file can be downloaded at any time and as often as you need it. File Life: 30 days after no activity. No ridiculous queues! No limits!Why: Joe Budden continued opening up and giving his fans all of him, delivering very personal discoveries and thoughts.

I love the Mood Muzik series. Coming off a dope Mood Muzik 2 —a mixtape that I fucking love and claim it to be one of the greatest mixtapes ever—Joe decided to keep the momentum going. If my former college roommate enjoyed this record so can you.

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You will choke up and maybe shed a tear at the subject matter. This one deals with depression, and reaching his or her goals. The route to happiness or success or other things is a long one.

The same applies to a depression. Eventually these little steps that seem minuscular add up to the larger picture. Joe came with it on the song. He showed he was unafraid to go at Jay Z. Years later, Jay Z finally responded with a subliminal of his own on The Blueprint 3. This mixtape was too dope that it might have been better overall than Mood Muzik 2. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. He got more personal on this mixtape. Share this: Twitter Facebook Tumblr. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment hereClearly influenced by New Orleans legends The Hot Boys, his style is loudly and proudly Dirty South, with the requisite skittering hi-hats, gigantic bass bumps, burly synth horns, and more handclaps than a patty-cake tournament.

Rhymes center mostly around thugging it up in the streets, doing his thing in the club, making money through sub-legal means, pushing mean whips, and having his way with the ladies.

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Bolstered by guest appearances from likeminded friends Lil Boosie, Savage, Lil Cali, Young Pymp, Level, and more, this is straight-up Southern anthem music, ideal for the club, the car, or the corner. Sign In. Cain Muzik 2. Up It. Moving Round feat. Lil Boosie. Wne Way. Where the Love At. No Feelings. Calm Down. Dope Mane feat. Lil Cali.

dope muzik 2 download album

My Bitch. I'm Grown. Respect My Mind feat. Yung Pymp. I Gave Her feat.

dope muzik 2 download album

Hurricane feat. Going Down Gmix feat. Boss Man feat. Cain Muzik Mafia. Baby Cain. More by Mista. Mista Albums You May Also Like. Street Laws Racked Up Ready.


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